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Make Profit a Priority

Profits can be thin on the ground in many family farms and businesses, particularly when times are tough. At any […]

1990s Votergrams

Votergram Voice for all Australians

New voice will not affect Votergram Voices There has been heavy publicity about the Indigenous Voice and whether it might […]

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A Voice for Victims

Residents Rally Residents in Queensland have rallied to form an organisation Voice for Victims qld, to specifically deal with increasing […]


Votergrams – Your “Voters Voice”

Hoping does not help! How can you get a fair go from government? You compete with Big Business leaders paying […]

Mimic the Matildas

Shooting goals for good government. Education, health care, housing, wage equality etc are goals being missed by recent governments for […]

We’ve formed a Bank Customer Lobby

Bank overcharging and under-servicing  is  a disaster for Australia. CBA’s $10 billion profit from overcharging and under-servicing customers is an […]

Supergirl and superman speaking up for democracy

Why Speak up for Australia?

Australia is in a mess Just look at it! Big Bank Billionaires bleeding borrowers dry; corporate crime booming along with […]

Escaping from the debt trap

What to do if your bank has you trapped in a high priced home, business or farm mortgage that may […]

Disaster stalks society

Australia is walking a thin line between dangerous inflation with massive price hikes and dangerous recession with massive unemployment. Government […]

Businesses Brace for Battle with Banks

The year after I started Votergram to help Aussies get good treatment from government, I converted my Chartered Accountancy practice […]