Votergrams to the rescue

Two groups harmed can’t get authorities to act. One group does: 1 Sanjay Joseph, scammed of $100,000 in a home purchases […]

Aboriginal voices to parliament

The “First Nations voice to parliament” will be in due course determined. Meanwhile most thinking Australians can see that in […]

Beware debt gets out of hand, let GBAC give you a hand!

Wise family farm and business borrowers will use this time while banks are not chasing up arrears on loans, to […]

Voters Network works for you

There is only one way to enjoy good democratic government – make it work for you. Voters Network helps you […]

Voters Views

This week we asked our members what topics interested them enough to do something about them. Their priorities in order […]

voters network

Ode to Voters

A small minority controls what’s done

expensive watch

Cartier watches a POLIWATCH issue for Australian voters 

votes and voices

Numbers of Votes & Voices combined bring Victory, if you don’t SHOUT!

Time to speak up.

When democracy fails the community, it is usually because the “silent majority” stays silent when it should  speak up. Self-interest […]

How not to persuade politicians or influence society

30 women, many distinguished and wise, signed an open letter to the Prime Minister published in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald […]