How to stop violent men attacking women

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Suggest Solutions
Suggesting solutions to each and every Member of Parliament by Votergram.

Polite Persistent Political Persuasion in the Privacy of Parliament has been Proven to Pay off as the best Path to Progress.

Don’t leave violence against women to somebody else or it will never stop! Individual voters have the most power, not their non-voting organisations or protest marches.

Use your vote to empower your voice

Your vote + your voice = political power when used strategically. If you will not use your vote to stop violence against women then your voice is as a whisper in the wind – of no consequence at all. Votergrams help you speak up persuasively. That is how democracy works.

Then monitor what individual MPs and Parties do and vote in the next election in your electorate on what your candidates and their parties have done about violent men and violence against women.

If nothing has been done to stop it, you can effectively campaign in one of the many marginal state and federal electorates held by less than 10% to elect different MPs who will stop it.

That is how democracy works!

MPs are on your side

Most MPs are very helpful and keen to solve problems, but many men are very happy with their violence and abuse against women, because other men would not tolerate it and mostly have the strength and aggression not fight back. Men hold just as many votes as women and politicians are aware that many men do not want the violence which gives them power, to be curtailed.

Women physically, mentally and emotionally have not the strength or aggression to fight back. They are mostly loving caring people. So the violent men need to be stopped. Votergrams giving all MPs your idea work well because parliament is a voting forum and the majority always rules.

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