Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future

Welcome Fellow Voters!

If you’re fed up with being ignored, neglected or victimised; if the high cost of living is hurting you, this could be the solution you’ve been desperately looking for...


Before you let society crush you, talk to us about how we help voters get society doing what voters wanta hospital bed or an operation for a relative, safer roads & licence rebates for safe drivers, facilities for schools, better banking , debt relief etc.  No joke!

“ Just a short note to say an enormous thank you. My wife, 3 y.o. son and self were about to become homeless.Your intervention led to the matter being resolved within 12 hours, after which we took possession of our new home. Thank you!” Ian, Hornsby

We understand the pressure you are often under. You need society working with you, not against you.

“Thank you for all you have done for us in getting cross-border permanent care for Peter.
 He is going ok and comes home every 2nd week.”
Bill and Clare, ACT/NSW border ( names changed For privacy)

We understand how you can persuade politicians and guide government, how with the right strategies you can get society working better for you than you ever thought possible.
“You are just so special and I am proud to be associated with you. You have always been there for me during the ups and downs of Terry’s illness and I shall never forget that.” Dianne, Sydney

There is nothing that excites us more than helping you to get:                   

  • The government services you want for yourself, your family and community
  • An enjoyable life in an affordable home in a nice area, with a rewarding career
  • Life’s social and financial challenges solved as they arise
  • Well represented in every way by elected Members of Parliament who support you.
Typically, voters working with us can expect to achieve most of what they want most of the time if they go about it the right way.

“I am writing to thank you for your ongoing effort in persuading  politicians...the first stage
 of our new school building has been funded and is due to commence very shortly.”  Secretary, Rural NSW school  P & C (school name withheld)

Or call for a chat about how we can help you with your particular issues.
Phone: 02 9988 3312, 0428 417 496