Federal Jobs for 2024

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Australia moves out of a challenging 2023 into a 2024 already plagued by problems that will only be resolved by political persuasion, voters working together to guide government about what needs doing.

1.The road toll is rising as politicians fail to keep dangerous drivers off the road. Safe driving is not rocket science.

2 Balancing the budget is not hard either when Federal MPs bring in 600,000 immigrants to boost the 2023 economy and tax-take, then fail to spend what is needed on funding the housing, schools,  hospitals, health services, emergency services, roads, public transport etc the surging population needs or the specific needs of regional, rural, remote and indigenous communities. That is a serious service deficit!

3 We have women and children living in cars, in parks, probably in the gutter, thanks to lack of planning for population needs.

4 There are over 300 schools in Australia that are severely disadvantaged and need fixing in 2024 – not 2084. Let’s not punish children for political negligence.

The only way our politicians can do what is needed is when we voters let them know what our priorities are. MPs are our representatives, not our leaders. Their job is very challenging and they need our help. You can tell them by Votergram, the simple effective path to influence society.

Join voters.au asap and contribute your ideas. It is the long-standing Voters Network for people who care about a fair society without party politics.

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