Immigrants & Aussie have similar needs

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Immigrants & Aussie voters have similar needs

Politicians cannot bring in 737,000 migrants into Australia and not understand that in addition to our own natural increase, those migrants will need homes to live in, schools, hospitals, roads transport, food, clothing, police, courts and welfare services. That surge in demand stretches resources and increases prices. Makes Aussies homeless, forces cost of living up as more people want the same goods and services.

Who knows what you need?

You know what is needed because you live in the community. We voters need to guide government to do what is needed. We pay and elect our MPs but they need our guidance as we know daily what we need. They cannot know unless we tell them. Your local MP (one in 225 for Federal and 1 in 100 for state) has no chance of influencing what is done because in Parliament the majority rules. Your Votergram reaches every MP in the parliament. It can reach every MP in every parliament.

If you don’t, others will!

If you do not help us tell parliament what you need, others like big business, banks, miners will tell them and bully them into doing what make billions for those businesses. Those businesses spend millions on lobbying, but money will never beat votes, though it can buy them.

Please do your bit, join, free and free of any party politics and help guide government to run our society in a sensible, fair way. Government for the people needs government BY the people. Let’s work together on it.

If we don’t, we, our parents, children and grandchildren will suffer along with us.

Greg Bloomfield

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