Sticking pins into Politicians

The media has turned this federal election into an Aussie version of a Spanish bull fight. Writers and commentators are […]

More dangerous than Covid– Election fever!!

Symptoms: High excitement, media frenzy, mixed messages, over-reaction, confused minds. Cure: write down now in your diary for May 21, […]

Why you should join FairGO’s Voters Network?

Because democracy is a society in which voters are key. They elect representatives (MPs) to a forum called parliament which […]

Let Aussieloanapps lighten your load!

Why do banks make such huge profits and pay their CEOs millions a month? Because some borrowers don’t seek competitive […]

Votergrams make powerful political allies.

Strikes & protests make powerful enemies. Nurses don’t have to strike to get patient/nurse ratios, shift bonuses and pay right. […]

Understanding Democracy

The Australian people have a fairy tale view of our democracy which causes them to be deprived of the benefits […]

Why join Voters Network?

A letter-writer to the Sydney Morning Herald 1/2/22 wrote “ It’s time the major parties took a stand to show […]

Aboriginal flag

The idea of flying the Aboriginal flag regularly on the Sydney Harbour Bridge seems to have some worthwhile advantages and […]

No President needed in a Democracy

The highly respected Republican Peter FitzSimons recommends a hybrid Republic with candidates for President nominated by each state government then […]

Grass-fed beef producers Group in Voters Network

There is little doubt that grass-fed beef is the best to eat, the best for the environment and the best […]