Preventing Bondi massacre events

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Knifings, shootings, mental illness are a far too frequent combination. If you want it stopped, you must persuade government to do what is required. Invest in your own safety with a Votergram telling your elected parliament what you want done. We never know when it will happen to us. Send your Votergram via the website. or if you email  me or phone me on 0428 417 496 this week or next, I will send your message to each state AND federal MP for the price of just one parliament.

Mental health services have been bad in Australia for 50 years that I know of. Right now after this horrendous act, is when government is most likely to act, but MPs need your suggestions and your endorsement for them to act. They always need your support to do what is good for you. For 38 years Votergrams have empowered Australians to guide government with exciting results.  A few of those can be seen on the Votergrams website. Voters can always control Australian society via government. They just have to make the effort.

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