Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
ABOUT YOU is about you enjoying the sort of society you want! It is for city, rural, regional and farming people; young & old; families, singles, parents, students, business owners and environmentalists; rich, poor, and middle incomes; sick, healthy; borrowers and bankers; of any political party or none.

to do what our National Anthem advocates – “Advance Australia Fair”!  
Have a say    Make a difference     Change the world
The network has no party political favourites. It believes that governments should do what the people want. The network is a facilitator, rather than a campaigner. It helps voters engage better with their local politicians.The network is built around topic discussions and electorate discussions. Leaders are wanted to guide these. You could be one!

The real key to good government is not good political leaders as we are led to believe, but voters working with their local Members of Parliament. Each of those local MPs enjoys 1 vote in parliament and vote in the party room, just like the Prime Minister or Premier. When we guide our local MPs we guide government.
The network helps you engage with local MPs, tell them what is wanted and rate whether they represent you well or badly.
If Australians join Voters Network in large numbers they will be better able to influence politicians so that the community enjoys better government  for the time and effort people put into earning the GST, income taxes and duties they pay to fund it. People and politicians working together will produce far better outcomes for all.
Solving social and financial problems