Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
ABOUT YOU stand up for what you believe in to receive a fair go is about you enjoying the sort of government you want! It is for city, rural, regional and farming people; young & old; families, singles, parents, students, business owners and environmentalists; rich, poor, and middle incomes; sick, healthy; borrowers and bankers; of any political party or none.

Over 30 years, through FairGO & Votergrams, we have developed very effective strategies for voters to extract the best results from government, working through all Members of Parliament.

Democracy gives to the Australian community, governments that we, the voters, elect. By using our votes wisely and strategically, we have the opportunity to control government and get a fair go when we stand up for what we believe in.  
Used properly, that forces government to use taxes and public resources for the benefit of the broad community. turns that much-neglected opportunity into reality.

Join now to do what our National Anthem advocates – “Advance Australia Fair”!     Have a say   Make a difference    Change the world.

Voters.Network is an extension of the Votergram service and FairGO.

The network has no party political favourites. It believes that governments should do what the people want. The network is a facilitator, rather than a campaigner. It helps voters engage better with their local politicians.The network is built around local hubs, each led by a Hub Leader. You could be one!

Basic access is free but the network depends on an advanced access fee $40 (+ gst) for funding half of which goes to help hub leaders cover their costs of servicing the voters in their part of the network. Some may even turn it into a home based business, giving voters the support they need to influence government.

We know that the real key to good government is not good political leaders as we are led to believe, but voters working with their local Members of Parliament. Each of those local MPs enjoys 1 vote in parliament, just like the Prime Minister or Premier. When we guide our local MPs we guide government.
The network helps you engage with local MPs, tell them what is wanted and rate whether they represent you well or badly.

Voters.Network also arranges community conferences to help voters work out by consensus what they want from government and then tell their MPs what that is. It is important to be able to determine what the vast majority of any electorate wants before we ask for it. Otherwise politicians become confused by competing demands and ignore the voting community altogether.

GOOD GOVERNMENT comes when you guide government or influence government

The real key to good government is not so much good political leaders, as we are led to believe, but voters working with their local Members of Parliament. Each MP enjoys 1 vote in parliament, just like the Prime Minister or Premier.

Voting on the basis of one political party leader or another would be okay if we were electing a dictator who would personally decide how the country or state was to be run. But we are not. We are electing members to a conference (Parliament)  which will, by vote, determine how the country or state is run.

A major flaw with the party system is that if one party has 51 members in a 100 person parliament and the other party has 49%, then the 51% control all votes and the 49% miss out all the time. That in rough terms means that 51% of the voters get all that they want and 49% don’t get anything.

In practice there is a wide-spread feeling that no matter which party wins government, most voters are disappointed because the victorious political party runs the state or country for the benefit of its own members and it’s political donors, not the voting community at all.

In the absence of determined and persistent engagement with government by voters, that is quite understandable. Voters.Network has been established to overcome that obstacle to the proper operation of democracy, by increasing voter engagement with elected Members of Parliament.

30 years of experience with Votergrams and FairGO shows that the outcome will be more satisfactory government services and policies. Politicians are far more willing and able to assist voters than they are given credit for.

Other Australians outnumber federal politicians by more than 100,000:1. They outnumber state and territory politicians by between 10,000:1 (NT) and 55000:1 (NSW). Collectively they probably have more qualifications, experience and talent for delivering what the people want from government than do their elected representatives. When politicians and the people work together the opportunities are endless.

If Australians join in large numbers they will be better able to influence politicians so that the community enjoys better government  for the time and effort people put into earning the GST, income taxes duties they pay to fund it. People and politicians working together will produce far better outcomes for all.