Cartier watches a POLIWATCH issue for Australian voters 

More questions than answers What is really behind this staggering political behaviour around four Cartier watches and possible gender-based harassment […]

Numbers of Votes & Voices combined bring Victory, if you don’t SHOUT!

A very small minority controls Australia, getting what it wants by asking the right people in the right way, for […]

Time to speak up.

When democracy fails the community, it is usually because the “silent majority” stays silent when it should  speak up. Self-interest […]

How not to persuade politicians or influence society

30 women, many distinguished and wise, signed an open letter to the Prime Minister published in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald […]

Lessons in Democracy – MPs do listen!

“Going to Canberra” for Christmas shopping?

Why do so many groups wanting to influence government, “Go to Canberra” or “Protest outside Parliament House”? They could mostly […]

Superannuation, education, housing & personal wealth

Should Australians be allowed to use their earnings to buy a home, which is the best form of superannuation imaginable? […]

How to exert power and influence in Australia today

FairGO and Voters Network have spent 30+ years developing secret strategies that enable every Australian voter to exert power and […]

To Protest or to persuade

Protest Protesting is demeaning for protesters – they have to beg their own government to change Protesting is like a […]

Headline explains reason for voters rating political performances.

“Russia out to stop Biden’s election bid, FBI boss says”, Sydney Morning Herald 19/9/20 Foreign dictatorships seeking to control a […]