Thank you Jacinta Ardern

Thank you Jacinta Ardern for your example of kindness, generosity and compassion in government leadership. You have chosen well to […]

The 2023 Potential Debt Trap

Beware of the bank Bankers in particular knew that ultra-low interest rates were unlikely to last for long without a […]

Voterlobby Validates Democracy

There is so much talk about democratic disasters. Australia’s unique Voterlobby protects voters against such chaos by helping interested voters […]

Importance of a Voice

Every Australian already has access to a powerful Votergram Voice to every Australian Parliament. By one Votergram, one pharmacist persuaded […]

Bank customers deserve a fair go but need help to get it.

“Why would anyone invest their money on term deposit with the major banks at 3.35% when the government also guarantees […]

How can this be? Aussie voters disadvantaged further!

Teachers taught writing in the 1940s & ‘50s but can’t teach it now!! A regulated casino is deemed not fit […]

Loan holidays for flood affected farmers

Farmers affected by floods facing loan difficulty or default could ask their bankers to give them 1 year’s complete repayment […]

Farm loans are much like farm fences

Farm loans are much like farm fences. The make buying or running a place easier. They take a good bit […]

Ride the wave of government intentions

The best time to influence government is when it has decided to do what you want. If the new Federal […]

Nurses and the Numbers Game

Nurses know how to care for sick people. They apparently don’t know how to influence government in a democracy. Strikes […]