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Super-voters speaking up for society


Government bureaucrats, public servants and contractors are paid and resourced by your taxes to deliver good, honest and fair government services and infrastructure for your money.


We elect MPs to parliament and once elected Parliament is there to direct the bureaucrats, public servants and contractors to deliver those services and infrastructure that you need and want.

But in order to deliver to you and yours, the services you need and want, each Parliamentarian needs to know from you personally what you want and to understand why. Nobody can speak on your behalf to tell them, for they would not know whether that person had your authority or agreement. You must personally tell them if you want it done! You can easily and cheaply do that by Votergram.

By majority decision the parliament will generally do what is wanted by most people who give good honest reasons.

You and other voters

The careers of Members of Parliament and political parties depend on the votes of you and other voters. Every few years you can re-elect or replace them. That particularly applies when you vote in a marginal electorate or influence the votes of voters in a marginal electorate.

If you and those who think like you do not tell every MP what you want there are two outcomes:

1 The parliament will not know what you want and will instead listen to what other  voters  like big business  executives and rich political donors, ask for.

2 You will not be supporting your local MP who might speak in Parliament after meeting with you to seek the very things you need and want. If you have asked your local MP to raise something and you have also asked every other MP, then your local MP is far more likely to be supported by other MPs.

Credit for the result

This way the Members of Parliament can justly receive the credit for achieving what you have asked for and explained. MPs deserve that reward to counter the constant media criticism that they have to endure. If you then send a “Thank You” Votergram they are sure to give you top priority next time you want something

It is a far nicer way of achieving your goal than protesting publicly and making the MPs look stupid, for they may do what you want but next time they will resent you for humiliating them and may ignore you.

Greg Bloomfield,

The Votergram Man

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