Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future


Before you can participate,  you need to read and accept the terms and conditions found below. They set out the agreement between you and as to the use of the website administered by

Terms and Conditions will not allow its facility to be used to encourage war, terrorism, persecution, harassment or violence.

Our goal is government and democracy that deliver better, brighter, richer lives to all Australians, young and old. You may use this site to achieve your goals to improve government services, policies or infrastructure.

By using this site you accept that voters may communicate with, rate and access their local MPs or other MPs to  make known their respective viewpoints, urging them to be accepted and adopted by government. A key will be for individual voters or network hubs  to communicate well and persistently and provide good valid reasons why politicians should support that goal. 

Democracy makes it possible to have differences resolved by logical and passionate debate, tolerance, understanding and concessions. We cannot always have what we want. Others have equal rights. So patience, tolerance and a willingness to compromise for consensus are essential conditions for using this site. Consensus, in our view, delivers the best broadly acceptable solution.

Opposing goals may be altered by negotiation to attract more members to one viewpoint. This is a good way of winning because an enlarged network of voters can be more persuasive in dealing with Members of Parliament. has been established to help voters, which it will do to the best of its ability. Around the world voters confront similar situations and can work together to influence their respective governments. You must be an Australian resident to participate in the Australian division. If you would like to help establish a in another country we would be please to do that. To be effective, you must be willing to identify yourself, your electorate and postcode. Politicians are, quite rightly, rarely persuaded by anonymous lobbying.

Disclaimer and limitation of liability cannot and does not ensure that its site or systems are free of any computer virus, defect or contamination or that the site will be available at all times. is not liable for any loss suffered by you or anyone else for any reason as a result of any limitations or faults in its systems or web site. It exists largely on the good graces of volunteers and donors.

True democracy for the people is's objective, not profit, so its financial resources are normally very limited.


By using this site to help you make the most of democracy you indemnify and its directors against any claims you may make as the result of your use of this facility.


If you cannot obtain the access you paid for you will receive a full and immediate refund provided you notify us within 48 hours of discovering the problem. If you prefer we will try to assist you in gaining that access.