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26 March 2021
Numbers of  Votes & Voices combined bring Victory, if you don’t SHOUT!

A very small minority controls Australia, getting what it wants by asking the right people in the right way, at the right time, for exactly what it wants, and saying how it can be achieved.

The silent majority of Australians miss out, hoping that someone else will get it for them. That’s just Fantasy!

Power originates with votes. Each pauper has one vote at elections just like each billionaire.

It is not voting alone that gives them power. It is  using their votes as an enticement or punishment according to how politicians respond to that particular request. Every Voters Network member can record that on the Voters Network website for future reference.

Nor is it their voices alone that give people power. Their voices are only powerful if those people back up their voices by either voting for or against their local representative of a political party  according to whether that party does what is asked or not. 

Every local MP should be held accountable on election day for everything their political party has done since the last election - good or bad.

Talk to the MPs quietly. Don't make public fools of the very people you want to help you.

The belief that your local MP or the PM will fix things for you is pure fantasy. That is not how life works!

Join Voters Network and learn how to use your amazing power yourself to shape the aspect of society that impacts you most. Hundreds of Australians are doing that right now.

12 March 2021

How not to persuade politicians or influence society

30 women, many distinguished and wise signed an open letter to the Prime Minister published in yesterday’s Sydney Morning Herald on very important issues related to gender equality.

It is hard work being Prime Minister and trying to please 16 million voters, about half of whom think the other party should really be in power. Voters mostly don’t even tell him what they want.  Many think that he is a KING who can proclaim policy on his own. In fact he needs the support of at least half but preferably more of the 225 Federal Members of Parliament and certainly the support of party members, organisers and cabinet.

To be communicated with by public open letter in the paper is just humiliating. It is rather like a parent telling her teenager in the school playground in front of her friends, to lift her game and tidy up her bedroom. The result will not always be a fond relationship or a tidy room.

If each of those ladies who signed the letter on the vital matter of women’s equality had sent a Votergram on the topic one week apart, the impact would have been private and sensational. Each of the 225 Federal MPs would have received each woman’s message and each woman could have given one different specific improvement for women that she personally favoured with one very good reason why and how it could be done.

6,750 messages would have gone into  the hands of parliamentarians spread over the next 6 months, giving 30 individual improvements to be made to advance women’s equality with 30 good reasons why it should be done and suggestions of how it could be accomplished.

The opposition MPs would have pressured the government MPs. The government backbenchers would have pressured the cabinet and the cabinet would have pressured the ministers responsible for each of those reforms. The politicians could have claimed electoral credit for it when it was done.

In 1936 Dale Carnegie wrote “If you want to gather honey don’t kick over the beehive”. It applies equally when seeking change in democracy. Don’t irritate the politicians who can make the very changes you want.

When Australians politely, persuasively and persistently ask all their federal politicians in the right way to do something that is fair and reasonable, tell them why they want it and how to accomplish it, FairGO’s experience over the past 34 years has been that the politicians do most of what is sought.

 “Treating others the way you would like to be treated” has a lot going for it. There is an effective way and an ineffective way to ask MPs to do something worthwhile.

Cut out page 5 of yesterday’s SMH and see if what is asked is done in this year’s budget. These women signatories are to be commended for their requests and they should be met.  I will be delighted to be proven wrong in this case, but asking politicians personally, quietly and persistently has been very effective for the thousands of Australians for over 30 years.

5 March 2021

Home Ownership Tax

What do you think?  The NSW Treasurer has a HOT solution to replace stamp duty, a Home Ownership Tax . That is instead of the simple solution of cutting the rate of stamp duty on homes in half. It really does not seem fair does it. People should be able to own their own homes.

Government MPs propose this new pro-developer Housing Ownership Tax, the biggest new tax since the GST. Claims this will help young people are laughable. They will set up a permanent tax the rate of which can be increased at will by any government.

A simple reduction in the rate of duty, of foreign home ownership, of centralised immigration and/or negative gearing  would improve home affordability. Young buyers will pay the tax for life at any rate MPs choose.

Developers & lenders who make donations to politicians will benefit most through increased sales and at possibly higher prices because they may not pass on all or any of the saving to home buyers in our over-heated market. We probably need far greater voter scrutiny of political donations and the link to benefits for donors.

The most valuable asset for anyone is a home and now the NSW Coalition Government proposes to tax it.   Some Treasurer! 1st Icare and now this on top of over-market land purchases.

Time for voters to use our Votergrams top campaign for a fairer society where everyone gets a chance to own their own home without lining the pockets of govenment and developers at the same time.

What would you like the Treasurer to do? Let me know .

10 February 2021

Voters Network has now introduce a Poliwatch to enable voters to keep watch on certain aspects of government. It's first project is corruption within Australian governments.

We will enable voters to work with their elected parliamentary representatives to eliminate the corruption that robs voters of so many resources and denigrates our decent hard-working MPs. We will all gain from this exercise, except for the corruptors and those who accept their corrupt payments or favours.

Join Voters Network, free, if you value integrity and honest in the governments that we elect and pay.

18 January 2021

Who do our politicians represent? Voters, political partiesw or those who fund the party?

Political parties received $2.8 billion over 10 years from donations, fees and other fund raising activities. Refer to  

Governments have been bribed with donations for thousands of years. How do you feel about it?

There is a senate inquiry into election funding. You can make a submission. Open a myparliament account to do so logging in to your myparliament account and ticking the Inquiry into election, then uploading your submission. Of course you can send your views by Votergram to each of the225 federal MPs. That is probably much more effective.

Here are samples of what you could say, modify to suit your preference
1.I support big business donating to political parties because -(reason optional)eg they contribute employment and taxes and help develop the country or that is better than them taking the money out of public funds or  I don’t think that receiving millions of dollars in donations to their political party influences the decisions of politicians in any way.

2.All election spending should come from the public purse. I am prepared to vote last on my ballot papers candidates whose party accepts political donations from  anyone who deals with government

3. Our tax money is “laundered” to political parties via contracts and other benefits given to  entities that donate money to the political parties whose MPs grant them those contracts, licences, favours or benefits.

4. Those who in any way fund political parties should be banned from dealing with government or lobbying politicians.

Make it as short or long as you wish. Support or oppose what happens now, but b ack it with your voice and vote.

11 December 2020

An advocate for elderly care wrote in today’s paper:

“Our organisation does not do individual advocacy”. He talked of those dying waiting for the care to eventuate.

FairGO and Voters Network both do individual advocacy and I cannot think of any instance in the last 30 years when we were not able to obtain the health care people asked for within a rfeasonable time. Make sure anyone you know needing aged care help contacts us for assistance. .

He also wrote “ All people want is the care they deserve. They  don’t care how it is funded.”

It is always a moot point what we “deserve”, because what one person receives, another person pays for.

What we try to do at FairGO and Voters Network is to actually help government find the best ways to fund what is required. It is always best to help our politicians and public servants, rather than hoping that they can or will provide the solutions themselves.

Letters to the paper today contained many other requests for government to do things.

Over 30 years ago we learned that trying to influence politicians by writing about what is wanted in the media, did not really work so well. Many NGO’s do it repeatedly. FairGO and Voters Network don’t.

We take every issue directly to every Member of Parliament, thus giving each of hundreds of MPs an opportunity to assist the voter or voters concerned.

We do not try to communicate with Members of Parliament via the media. We help voters do it personally.

Politicians have the very difficult job of trying to please everybody. In our experience they do an excellent job when approqached the right way.

These are some of the reasons that voters mostly achieve what we help them ask for.

It is also why many people have not heard of FairGO or Voters Network. We keep out of the press. Let your friends know we are here to assist them any time.

Voters Network exists to help you build the sort of society you want by learning how to exercise amazing political power and influence government.

10 December 2020

"Going to Canberra" for some Christmas shopping?

Why do so many groups wanting to influence government, “Go to Canberra” or “Protest outside Parliament House”?

They could mostly exert far more influence by sitting at home or in their own offices and putting their wishes before every Member of Parliament by Votergram. That means 227 MPs in the case of Federal Parliament.

Reaching every MP by Votergram is more effective than talking with the minister and staff plus a local MP, because some of the MPs you reach by Votergram will advocate for you and they have much more influence with the minister than you do.

FairGO puts your wishes in easy, readable, understandable Votergram segments rather than pages and pages that do not get read.

Many of the NGOs that are out there trying to solve society’s problems and want more government money to do so, are already funded by government and so are not prepared to take strong action to make the government do what is needed, in case their funding is cut.

Polite political persuasion relies on voters “speaking quietly and carrying a big stick”. The only big stick available to voters is to campaign against government MPs in marginal seats. If voters will not do that, they are reduced to begging. Voting against government in their own safe seat achieves nothing at all. Voters Network helps them gain the necessary influence.

Our voices expressed by Votergram to influence our elected representatives  (MPs) and our voices expressed by influencing voters in marginal electorates, combine to give us an amazing ability to make democracy work as intended.

Once MPs understand that you are serious about “government for the people” they will be extremely helpful. The challenge politicians face is that ruthless, power and profit hungry businesses will stop at nothing to get what they want and they can pour millions into a campaign to remove a government ( eg mining industry reportedly spent about $20m to stop an increased  tax). So, to serve us properly, our politicians need the support, encouragement and guidance of the least wealthy 80% of Australian voters.

Have a Happy Christmas, join Voters Network and let us make 2021 a year in which we Advance Australia Fair for all Australians, by working with our elected MPs and recognising the very challenging nature of their work.

Send your MPs a Christmas card with a note of thanks and remember - they cannot please all of the people all of the time, but they can please 80% of the people 80% of the time.

16 October 2020

How to exert power and influence in Australia today

FairGO and Voters Network have spent 30+ years developing secret strategies that enable every Australian voter to exert power and influence over their society and over matters that affect their own lives. It takes a little time, effort and money, like everything worthwhile.

To persuade voters to elect them in the 2019 election, each member of Federal Parliament spent on average $350,000. It costs money to gain power ! Most people want a good return on that sort of spending.

 If you put in $50 plus 30 minutes a month to Voters Network you could exert amazing power and influence and enjoy a far better society and life. If every Voters Network member put in $20 plus 30 minutes a month you could probably all do the same.

If you want someone else to handle it all for you and others like you, FairGO is an expert at that.

Power and influence are yours for the taking. Many have done just that over the past 34 years and achieved exactly what they wanted, both on personal and national level.

When I started I “knew” that politicians did not care what voters wanted and just primarily worked for the people who funded them into office. Now I know that politicians DO want to help voters even more than they want to help those who fund them into office. BUT voters mostly don’t tell them what they want done, don’t build relationships with their MPs, don’t even know that is how to get power and influence because that is how democracy works.

When I started my understanding was wrong and in 34 years I have learned how to enjoy amazing power and influence for the benefit primarily of others.

In those 34 years politicians too have changed. Once voters started approaching them in the right way through FairGO, they discovered that they could help people just like they had always wanted to do, because we gave them new opportunities to do that.

So we have all learned and gained a better understanding of how we can share power for our mutual benefit.

23 September 2020

To Protest or to persuade

Protesting is demeaning for protesters – they have to beg their own government to change
Protesting is like a battle that is contact free – a battle of words
It is a fight  with a winner and a loser
Its basis is strength to make the government do what is wanted
It takes on the government when both sides know that the advantage lies completely with the government which has all the strength
If the government does what protesters want it looks beaten – like a loser

Persuasion is gentle and private – in parliamentary inboxes by Voteergram, phone or meetings
It is based partly on logical arguments
When it is done by voters it carries a much more important message that the government might lose  votes
That is particularly so if the voter cares enough to pay to send Votergrams
Votes are much more important to politicians than the logic of any issue. Votes control their jobs
That voting power of political persuasion can be exercised by a voter going into a marginal electorate and upsetting the status quo
With persuasion, the politicians look like winners if they do what is wanted, so it is more appealing to them

Voters Network is the leader in change for voters by working WITH politicians, not against them.
Voters Network helps voters build strength and work with the strength. That is an unbeatable combination when linked with time, money and effort.

21 September 2020

Headline explains reason for voters rating political performances.
“Russia out to stop Biden’s election bid, FBI boss says”, Sydney Morning Herald 19/9/20
Foreign dictatorships seeking to control a country like Australia, use social media to spread fake news and shape our opinion for an against particular politicians and parties.

Before each election a Voters Network member can refer to their own private assessment over the whole parliamentary term before voting at the next election. They can then vote objectively uninfluenced by foreign powers, local media, recent political events or grants given as bribes.
Join Voters Network for the best possible society.

The choice
Few people will spend time or money on something that does not concern them
So if you want something improved, changed or fixed your best choice is to do it yourself.

 FairGO,  will be only too happy to help you make it happen.

You can tackle it yourself with FairGO’s help or suffer the consequences.
They are the choices in our voter-oriented society

3 September 2020

You can chat about it; complain about it or do something about it!

FairGO helps you fix it!

The power to fix it rests with Parliament, which controls government, which runs our society.

Parliament is easily persuaded of good ideas. Most people and peak bodies do not tell MPs what they want in an effective way.

Success or failure depends on what you do.

FairGO operates the least expensive, most effective way for you to persuade politicians to guide government to do what you want.

It was FairGO that founded Voters Network in order to give every Australian a chance to relatively easily influence the society they live in.

Email or call him for a chat on 0428 417 496 to find out how FairGO can fix it for you.

If you have not already, join Voters Nework.

28 August 2020

Unregulated banks Immoral says RBA member

RBA board member Ian Harper raised the issue of bank regulation and immoral banking practices.

Bank directors and executives are robbing and tricking customers to make multi-billion dollar profits and pay packets over 20 times what MP earn to run the country.

They “own” APRA & AFCA.  ASIC & ACCC are no match for them. Financial counsellors can’t detect dishonesty and work closely with banks.

Most banks are common moneylenders like Shylock of the Merchant of Venice, with no moral scruples whatsoever.

One solution is our associatged GBAC Advisory Pty Ltd established to help customers see the traps before they fall into them and get out if they are already trapped.

22 July 2020
 Influencing society
In sheer desperation from dealing with ASIC and its website, getting no reply to mail and a 43 minute to 1 hour phone delay, on Sunday I sent a Votergram into Federal Parliament. Monday a Victorian Senator contacted me. Tuesday ASIC solved the problem. Votergrams achieve wonders.

For topics of major interest Voters Network has set times for our online forum so that we can chat over the issues in real time. Currently our focus is on the quite complex issues of:
Domestic, family and sexual violence
Immigration and population
Inland waterways

Other topics awaiting discussion but needing the minimum 20 members and a co-discussion leader to assist me are:
Aged care
Alcohol and drugs
Animal Welfare
Banks and big business
Climate Change
Education – primary, secondary, tertiary
Foreign Aid
Health services
Housing affordability & planning
Indigenous needs like health, housing, education, careers

All Australian voters are welcome to join Voters Network Australia, free. The more who join the easier it will be for us all to develop the sort of enjoyable, prosperous, satisfied society we want.

15 July 2020
Australians more vulnerable to harm when working/studying at home!  Really?

 Rule No 1 -   we each have prime responsibility for protecting ourselves so others can help us more easily.
Look around! Those who do so are almost always doing better than those who don’t.

 The voices of the vulnerable can help them protect themselves. Yet they mostly suffer in silence. Why?
They may not understand the enormous power for good that democracy gives directly to each of them personally. That can give them the means, mechanism, systems and services to better protect themselves.

FairGO & Voters Network have, for 34 years, given every single Australian, of every race, colour  or faith, access to undreamed-of power to protect themselves via the parliament they elect and pay for that very purpose.

If you do understand, please encourage everyone you know to join Voters Network for party-free political participation or contact me at FairGO to make Australia an even better place than it is now - for them.

Numbers magnify your impact!

26 June 2020

What if Judges, politicians and Police behave badly?

If politicians cheat their own political parties and fellow party members, what do you think they do to you when they get into government?

When senior court judges sexually harass or abuse staff and other judges cover it up, what sort of justice do you think you get if appearing before them?

If police brutalise, assault, or taser a suspect in a relatively minor infraction while major crime flourishes, what sort of treatment might they give you if they thought you did something wrong?

Many Australians would not trust any of these people in a fit. Yet not all or even most politicians, judges or police are actually brutal, ruthless, abusive or power hungry. They are no more so than the rest of us, except for the fact that Power corrupts – power always invites abuse.

The simple remedy is for you to join Voters Network Australia to help governments avoid such behaviour.

Replacing badly performing politicians or  political parties in government with other politicians is not the solution. The solution is for voters to work side by side with whatever politicians are elected, to tell them what is expected and make sure they do it. We have learned that works well. If voters do not tell their elected representatives what they expect it is unlikely to be done. Voters Network represents the vast silent majority of voters who simply want value for money and a fair go from government for all Australians.

Joining in the network does not commit you to anything. We keep your information to ourselves. We have no party political affiliations or preferences. We are there to help you and other Australians achieve your goals.

Trusting government to look after you without helping politicians do that job is unreasonable laziness. By working together we all benefit. Leaving it to others, most of us will suffer. That is why Voters Network exists - to magnify your influence over your life and society.

If you are a member of Voters Network and suffer at the hands of government staff we will help you get that rectified fast. 

12 June 2020

Well intentioned writers in the Sydney Morning Herald today suggest we  in Sydney turn off our lights for 8 minutes to show solidarity with the Black lives movement. We don’t need to “show solidarity’. We need to get our politicians acting to solve the problem.

It will be far more effective if 50 of us each send a Votergram to each of our 350 Federal and State MPs, urging them to take action to help Black Live be equal in every way with other lives.

I have already sent my own Votergram seeking another 1,000 Aboriginal Primary, secondary and tertiary teachers to be trained & ready to start teaching by 1 January 2022, for a start.

Email . We will waive the modest fee for the first 20 people supporting Black Lives.

11 June 2020
Borrowers need to beat bankers at the profit game if they are to reap rich rewards from their loan facilities

New Nab chief Ross McEwan is going to teach his bankers “how to be bankers”, echoing the Royal Commission finding of “greed, misconduct, and a minefield of incompetence and blunders in the industry”, according to Sydney Morning Herald journalist Elizabeth Knight.

His lessons will most assuredly aimed to increase bank profits and every dollar the bank earns comes out of the pocket of a customer.

If bankers need to be taught how to make money out of lending, borrowers need to become “Better Borrowers” too, if they hope to reap more financial benefit from their future banking.

Voters Network is establishing a Better Bank Borrowing Taskforce to lobby for borrowers.

FairGO already offers mistreated bank borrowers a direct Votergram line to every federal MP to raise their grievances instead of wasting time with the industry owned Australian Financial Service Authority.

GBAC Advisory will continue to work with bank borrowers to negotiate much fairer loan outcomes than generally flow to them without such assistance.
Join Voters Network for better government protection against bank profiteering, bullying or abuse.

Any borrower can send one of the FairGO Voterlobby’s Votergrams to MPs seeking investigation of any unfair practices by your bank in connection with your loan facilities.

Contact Greg or Pat at GBAC forany of these serviceds to obtain the best possible outcome when your loan facilities deteriorate to unhelpful bank correspondence, phone calls or legal action.

10 June 2020
Major improvement for mental health sufferers

On ABC TV Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery tonight The Chaser seemed doubtful that one could make serious change in society. That may be because he is not a subscriber to or member of and must never have sent a Votergram.

On the other hand Dianne Gaddin OAM, tireless Votergram campaigner would be pleased to have driven another major change reported in today’s Sydney Morning Herald, with Mental Health nurses to be integrated into the NSW Police. 

Congratulations Dianne. You have done it again and we have been happy to play a small part in your latest Mental Health victory.

Voters pretty much always win in the long run, if they just persist and heed the principles on which Votergrams, FairGO and The Australian Voters Network are founded.

Thank you to Premier Berejiklian, her government and supportive NSW MPs for this major improvement in the lives of mental health sufferers.

2 June 2020

"Populism”= people power & it does work
Peter Hartcher writes today in the Sydney Herald “Populism offers unworkable simple solutions to complex problems. So the problems still won’t be solved.” That is nonsense. Unpopularism – decisions by politicians and bureaucrats to benefit themselves, mates or political donors at the loss to the community, are unworkable too and don’t solve problems either. They just make friends wealthy.

Sure, street riots don’t do much to solve problems. Two wrongs rarely make a right as our mother constantly told us as kids. But when community members discuss issues seriously to identify the problems and challenges faced, to develop a range of good solutions, then determine what is preventing those solutions to be implemented, it works well. Community consultation has worked well for 50 years when run by the people, not government bodies trying to fool the people.

The next step is to persuade our elected representatives to adopt those solutions. The Australian Voters Network provides exactly that mechanism for any problem that exists. It also knows that the vast majority of Parliamentarians will adopt good ideas when put to them properly and given time to quietly make it happen in a way that benefits the vast majority of the people.

If some politicians do not wish to do what the people want the easy solution is to campaign for their replacement or the replacement of colleagues in marginal seats at the next election. By definition, elections put into power those candidates who are most popular. That is how the people force governments to do what is popular.

Only when voters fail to use their democratic rights to consider issues and persuade politicians or replace them, do we get saddled with unpopularism – bad decisions that work well for a few to the disadvantage of the majority.
Voters Network members provide every Australian voter, regardless or race, colour or faith, with a very effective voice on how our society should develop. It is done without any reference to party politics whatsoever.

Some of the issues requiring attention according to today’s media are:
Suggestions that Interest rates go negative so that we pay banks to look after our money. We know who that will benefit. One might think the Reserve Bank would give up the idea that lowering interest rates would convince more businesses to borrow for investment. With a major recession heading our way the smart businesses are clearing debts. Corona virus has taught many people that saving for tough times gives maximum flexibility when they hit and that excessive debt has caused many businesses to fail during the lockdown. Most jobs and growth will come from inland development to cater properly for a growing population.

There is a serious question as to whether Rio into should be banned from future mining or exploration in Australia after its destruction of what are claimed to be a 45,000 year old Aboriginal site.

The impact of climate change again raises its head and the people need to make decisions so they can instruct their MPs.

The smith family raises the question of how early education affects the adult lives of children. If we want to relieve poverty, really good pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary education for our poorest children will be needed. It is the key to making Australia a serious global provider of food, goods and services.

Politicians and bureaucrats run for cover over the Robodebt extortion racket which allowed computers to run a government department. Politicians were silly enough to back the computer against the people. After 50 years of using computers I know how good they can be and how bad they can be. Many government departments and businesses are being run by computers for huge profits and they are treating customers like dirt. We voters need to force our governments and service providing companies back to using people to serve us well and provide jobs.

It is staggering that the NSW government would axe a program designed to keep people with mental illnesses out of gaol and giving them treatment instead. What a disgrace this is to condemn those with mental illnesses to gaol. If you too think it is wrong join Voters Network and help get treatment for these ill people.

We see a new organisation on Domestic Violence being formed but there is a need to ensure that taxpayers funds are not just giving people jobs to pontificate on issues. Governments should account to the voters for all funding of NGOs to ensure we get the right results. We want domestic, family and sexual violence stopped and there are many good solutions. Voters Network has an excellent group working and lobbying effectively on this, without any government funding at all.

Demonstrations in America remind us of our own shame in treatment of our First Nation people and show us how not to influence government to solve problems. Our quiet unobtrusive political persuasion by presenting all MPs with proof of problems and sensible solutions is the most effective way to make change. Many campaigners are simply earning nice salaries or secretly bad-mouthing political opponents without any concern for the real victims. Voters Network is entirely funded by its members and has no party-political preferences whatsoever. We influence whoever the voters elect.

The best performing politicians in the world

How do our Australian politicians stack up against those of other countries? Right now I would say “Very well.” They have managed to prevent a major disaster from the Corona Virus. We mourn with and for those who have lost loved ones. But we rejoice at the small number of fatalities compared to other places.
To take such drastic steps as the lockdown requires courage and faith in the professional advice received from senior bureaucrats and in the good sense of those locked down. It requires the bureaucratic  advice to be right!
No politician or government can please all of the people, all of the time. But our federal and state Members of Parliament and senior bureaucrats have, in their handling of the corona virus crisis, managed to please most Australians. For that we should thank them. Government is a thankless task and people who perform well do deserve thanks. Every day politicians are criticised by someone who will perhaps never have to make such decisions. Criticism is so easy.
If any Voters Network member would like to send a Votergram thanking parliamentarians, we will, for the rest of May, cover the cost of them doing so. Email your thank you note to . Max 100 words but you can probably do it in 20. Add your name and postcode.
There will always be those inconvenienced or disadvantaged by the lockdown. We will also be very happy to help them get back on their feet.

The best way to enjoy good government for yourself and your country in a western democracy is to get involved with it. Voters Network provides you with the very best way to do that. We have no party politics. We guide government by working with it not against it. There are no acts of retaliation or retribution for speaking out because we do not attack government. We help you gently feed in good ideas and diplomatically encourage their adoption.

Voters Network gives members power they have never before dreamed of. That power can be used for their own benefit or the benefit of the nation. The unique feature of democracy is that it works for the people who take an active role in it. It often works against those who don’t. We all have a cchoice to make.

Join – participate – benefit – enjoy life more. Voters Network exists for every Australian voter.

12 May 2020

Bank bonanza may bury borrowers
For bankers, the corona virus has been a blessed relief. The banking Royal Commission has faded away, eclipsed by an escalating disaster of drought, bushfires, business shutdowns and massive job losses.
The loan bonanza for bankers may end up burying borrowers in debt as a year or two from now they struggle to clear it. Join Voters Network for help with managing debt as well as challenges with governments. Don’t wait until it is too late. Bankers want you to succeed too, but they often do not give you the loan support you need. Sometimes financial counsellors can, but often they can’t. We can.

Buy now pay later is booming because most buyers will not be able pay on time and will be charged big fees that earn super profits. Personal financial security may come from adopting as much as possible a policy of save now buy later.
Debt is going to cripple family businesses and farms unless the borrowers do some very serious planning. Voters Network has some well qualified and experienced debt negotiators available who can help members borrow better and negotiate payouts that pay off for borrowers.

The world has changed and many richer people have stopped spending. That is how they get rich. It may well pay others to follow that lead. Life is going to get tough. The corona virus has only added to an economic disaster that has been on the way for years, as we have constantly forecast.
Voters Network is there to help voters all over Australia solve problems and shape society to serve them. There are many important issues other than loans. Join up to benefit and help others. We are looking for more Community Champions to partner with us to spread a new mantle of safety over Australia. Email if you are interested.

Our vision is not unlike that of Rev John Flynn who set up the Flying Doctor Service with the pedal radio developed by the brilliant Alf Traeger, to spread a mantle of safety over our inland long ago.
The Australian Voters Network has been set up using modern IT systems instead of a pedal radio but our objective and motivation is the same – to help people when they need help, no matter who and where they are in Australia.
If you see the merit in that, please pass this information to as many as you can. There are two roads to our website and . The network is free to join. Together we win, whereas on our own we battle the “system”.

8 May 2020
Squabbling politicians must stop and start governing” says a letter to SMH 8/5/20. Really?
Squabbling is part of the political power play. They used to kill each other to rule and still do elsewhere. The new Australian Voters Network helps voters join the power play to their advantage.
Politicians care about voters, but first and foremost they care about themselves and their parties.
The Australian Voters Network helps voters shape their own and national futures. Currently the main power players are politicians, political parties, big business, and media. All compete for our taxes, resources and future. Look at sport grants, government contracts, dry rivers, climate change and tax evasion.
The letter criticises their “preoccupations with factional infighting, back-stabbing and irreconcilable differences”. That is how individual politicians increase their power. Each strives to eliminate rivals. By strength of numbers, experience, strategies and training, Voters Network enables voters to force politicians to focus on their main role of representing the voters’ interests in parliament. Voter disinterest creates a huge vacuum into which self interest, neglect, inability and corruption creep.
The letter says “they set a poor example”. They actually set a very clear example of how power politics works. From 30+ years of watching and analysing that example, Voters Network knows how voters can use that behaviour to exert influence for good government.  When voters set the example, politicians happily follow because it is their path to success at the ballot box.
Australian Voters Network was formed to rectify the problems of which the writer complains and it has been amazingly successful. Nobody corrects their teenagers via the media and it does not work with politicians either. The network gives voters easy access directly to every politician in Australia.
By party neutral networking, Australian voters can enjoy the very best governments in the world.
Sports stars are judged on performance in the game and politicians should be judged on their performance at representing voters’ views in parliament. Sports stars play best when facing worthy opponents. Networking turns powerless individual voters into a powerful, informed and cohesive force receiving satisfaction from politicians in return for their votes and taxes.

The letter suggested that politicians are, by standing for office “pledging, from different political viewpoints to work harmoniously for the good of the state or country.” When a politician says the words “I pledge” so and so, that is a pledge. Nothing else is. Voters Network is the first national, party-neutral organisation to enable all voters to work harmoniously for the good of themselves, the state and country. When voters do that, politicians soon follow. It is the obvious way to win votes.
Democracy is a power game in which numbers and knowledge give people more power. Voters Network gives previously powerless voters the opportunity to gain almost unimaginable power through strength of numbers, knowledge and support. The network gives its members the power. It does not use members to gain power for itself.
That is what is unique about the Australian Voters Network, apart from 30+ years of successes on which it has been built.

1 May 2020

Debt Negotiator Best for Borrowers
 A debt negotiator’s claim in Sydney Morning Herald on May 1, to be 1st in Australia (in 2001) is false. GBAC & Moneygrams began negotiating on bank loan applications and write-offs in 1987. Last year one major bank wrote off 100% of a large mortgage loan for us. We have arranged debt write offs, better loans and re-finance in every state and territory in Australia for 30+ years.

Nobody has the same negotiating tools, experience or solutions as GBAC backed by FairGO and the Australian Voters Network does. We don’t do this to earn a living. We do it because we care deeply that Australians are treated fairly by their governments and their financial institutions.

Most borrowers simply do not have the time or skills to do this negotiating and few negotiators care enough to put their customers first before their own fees. We negotiate very hard with the banks to get a good deal for borrowers. We would not have been attracting debt laden borrowers for over 30 years if we could not do the job well.

But it also pays to borrow well in the first place and without professional assistance that is almost impossible. Then management of your loan is very important throughout its term. This is where many borrowers, particularly businesses and farms, come unstuck. It is not expensive to do, but is great protection against foreclosure.
28 April 2020

Working together when times are tough!

In difficult times we work better together. We toughen up, become more resilient & less self-centred.
We are certainly in difficult times now and there are more difficult times around the corner. Banks are making massive provisions for bad debts. That means they are going to write off billions of dollars in loans.
Does that mean they will be throwing money out of the office windows to be picked up by those in need. Hardly!

Before a bank writes off any debt it will give the borrower a good working over. The bank will ask those who fall behind on payments to cough up, or else. It will threaten for a while then get serious. Then banks will take the borrowers’ homes, businesses, shares, investments or farms and those people may lose everything they have worked so hard to build up.
There will be a lot of blood sweat and tears before any bank writes off much money, let alone a Billion dollars. The problem is that when that happens, so many properties can come onto the market that their values fall. Nab predicted yesterday perhaps as far as 30%. It could go further. Values have certainly risen fast.

So if you are a borrower feeling the pressure of debt, what do you do? As well as running the FairGO Voterlobby and Australian Voters Network, I also run a debt consultancy. You see, I am pretty keen on people being treated fairly and I know that a lot of borrowers get treated very badly when the loan goes bad.

It won’t cost you a cent to phone me on 0428 417 496 or email me for a brief chat. I believe that the earlier you start to deal with a problem the easier it is to solve. There are many ways for borrowers to come out of their loans doing well, but it takes some careful planning and management. Many borrowers have plenty of other skills but debt management is not one of them. We are happy to tell you how to do it or do it for you. We spend a lot of our time negotiating with banks for borrowers and they usually come out a lot better than they expected.

Feel free to ring. The firm’s initials are based on my name, but many would agree that Good Borrowing Advice Counts with a lot of debts. Ring in business hours. Put “loans” in the subject line of your email so I can give it priority.

22 April 2020
Massive “No Value” Mortgage Insurance Fraud by BIG
The article in the Sydney Morning Herald Money section today by Nina Hendy touched on but did not explain the greatest financial services fraud operated in Australia today by banks and insurance companies.

Our associate,  
GBAC took on one bank & insurance company on behalf of one borrower who asked for help, and won. The borrower walked away without repaying the debt. We will take them on for you any time.

Read the whole story on the GBAC  blog.

21 April 2020

Tracking app
People power
Politicians robbing voters
Bankers and the virus

Could it be a tracking app trap?
Many Australians are tracked daily via Google and are happy about it. So what’s the worry about the coronavirus tracking app?
Some reviewer said “I don’t see a problem with it. Police can’t get the information”.
She could not guarantee that? New laws can be passed any time. Police are not the only problem, although recent raids on homes of journalists to prevent the public knowing what government has done are a worry. A more dictatorial politician could have been elected PM and given the tracking app control to ASIO, already planning to spy on Australians at home, according to media reports.
Any government can make legal tomorrow what is illegal today. No present politician or bureaucrat can forecast what future ones will do.
Stopping corona virus is vital but we have done very well to date without giving government the right to record, store and analyse where we go, who we visit, meet or phone. Massive amounts of Australians’ private data held by government have already been leaked, stolen, sold or dumped.
Voters need to think this through and let politicians know how they feel.

People power is yours, Right Now!- individual or organisational
Members of Parliament work for you and mostly they do a very good job. But they do heed those who tell them what they want done. Some people just suffer in silence, but that is not necessary or desirable.
Votergrams, the FairGO Voterlobby & the Australian Voters Network exist for your benefit so that you are never powerless in Australia. They exist to give you unprecedented power to influence the future of our society. As the song goes “You don’t have to suffer in silence”. Have your say in an effective way!!
But if you are ever victimised by anyone, Votergrams to every MP in the relevant parliament will most likely put a stop to it.

NSW MPs plan to sell of our assets to pay for future ones!!
Financially incompetent NSW govt ministers promote political fraud - selling off infrastructure already paid for and owned by voters, in order to fund future infrastructure for future users. That is theft and the exact opposite of “user pays” –instead those who have worked and saved and paid taxes pay, but use it less.
New public infrastructure should be financed by loans, Govt bonds, superannuation or bankers.  The people who will use it should service and repay the loans through taxes, duties and charges as they use the assets. Don’t let MPs deplete the assets we worked so hard for, to placate lazy incompetent  ministers & enrich private profiteers at voters’ expense.

Bankers and the virus
Should bankers, as well as allowing the 6 month P & I holiday, extend it to 12 months in some cases and waive 50% of the interest deferred, otherwise borrowers, including landlords & tenants, carry all the actual losses, while banks just defer their revenue stream and earn compound interest on it.

31 March 2020

Corona virus health and money crisis
Those who have always saved money and borrowed little will have missed out on some pleasures they could not afford, but they will have savings to help tide them over much of the present crisis.
Those who have spent, not what they have saved, but by borrowing in anticipation of what they will earn in future, may have come unstuck. Foretelling the future is a risky business. Happy to help them get the finance they need in a way that does not mortgage their soul for life.
While some Australians struggle on the median wage of about $50,000 pa, some business executives and owners earn up to 200 times that and public companies earn billions after paying very little tax. A few are very generous with their money. Most are just sucking cash out of the economy like giant vacuum cleaners for their own use. Many are sending it offshore to avoid tax, laundering it through international call centres, banks, accountants and lawyers, thanks to generous politicians who pass the laws that allow them to do so.
Saving instead of borrowing is probably the most important cure. It is being in debt that creates a crisis out of any loss of income.
Using the credit card sparingly but to get through the crisis then paying it off. Using cash or paying the full card balance off every month is the wisest course of action to avoid risk.
Looking before you leap into a loan, with a good loan consultant like  my GBAC at your side, is probably a good move. Know whether or not you can meet the loan terms. They all have to be paid back in the end.
Expert loan management enables the borrower instead of the bank to benefit most.
Poorer people than the ultra-rich control the vast majority of votes, so for them, taking a greater interest in government could earn them a lot more money than working two jobs.
That is one reason why, as well as helping small business and farmers get a fair go from their banks through GBAC, I run the FairGO Voterlobby and the Australian Voters Network. Free enterprise capitalism is a great system, but it does not have to involve greed and self-indulgence or political bias toward the donors who finance election campaigns. Voters own the votes. By wise use of votes they can vastly improve their lives.
Borrowing more from banks is a two edged sword. Today it has restored business life to normal. Tomorrow it might cut off your head.
 The government, led by the Feds, have done a great thing by moving to stimulate the economy and put money into the hands of those worst affected. That is a great role for government. Of course later there will be a massive debt for us to all pay off, but if we work hard and share the tax load fairly we can all recover well. Let’s hope the strong take the weak with them. Take time if you can to thank your MP, because they will all be working hard on this corona-crisis. Ring your local MP or send a Votergram to every one of them.
The way to pay of business debt is to work hard, ensure profitability and schedule debt repayment as a top priority.
GBAC has played a strong role for over 30 years by negotiating debt repayment deals with banks on behalf of borrowers. There are many times when a bank will accept less than face value for a debt – always when it works well for the bank. GBAC has developed special skills in that area. A few months ago a bank wrote off the whole debt which was a great deal of money. Banks can be very decent when approached properly and they do have a bit of lee-way because they are so profitable.
People do deserve fair treatment, even from moneylenders. Make sure you get it.
Part of the cure is to take control of your finances and never let them go. Control the lender instead of letting the lender control you. That means understanding and honouring your own obligations before accepting any loan.

23 March 2020

Better way of buying home ownership
Housing shortage is caused by politicians focus on keeping people in capital cities to force prices up for big profits instead of developing inland cities.
Split ownership being used in some states to help people buy homes.
Why wouldn’t we do the same in NSW or federally in inland cities & towns. It would be easy to have an agreed value on affordable housing there at about a quarter of capital city prices now and agree that all rent would go towards purchase of home, interest-free with the percentage ownership moving from government to the buyer and the buyer able to transfer their ownership at any time to a new occupier. Over a generation a family would be able to move from rental to home ownership.
Now is the time for government to build inland infrastructure where the population density will be much lower and disease less easily spread, housing cheap and jobs created to replace those lost through the virus.

13 March 2020
10 Handy hints for handling the corona crisis

  1. Tighten your purse strings because it may lead to a recession wiping out jobs, house prices, shares and government funds.
  2. Just putting money into your bank account makes it available for someone else to use.
  3. Do everything you can to help your employer/ employees keep afloat.
  4. If you lose work, quickly look for anything else you can do to produce money.
  5. Get to Centrelink fast, as it will be overwhelmed.
  6. Look for opportunities to buy or invest cheaply but know that prices may fall further.
  7. If you have a loan, phone your lender and ask what you do if you are unable to make a payment on time. Don’t avoid them. That really makes them mad! Talk to them.
  8. Don’t despair about debt. If you cannot get the sympathy you need, give us a call.
  9. If you have something you want government to do, give us a call and we will tell you how to persuade politicians to get it done.

Take comfort that nothing lasts, good or bad. This crisis will pass. Try to sit it out.

10 March  2020

Everyone needs a fair go now

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is foregoing his salary to support Qantas staff as the recession hits. How good is that!!  Bravo Mr. Joyce. Very well done! What a great example that the Federal government should ensure other executives follow.

A seldom seen picture surrounds Blue Mountains visitors as they watch the bushland renew itself after the bushfires. Rarely can such new beauty be seen, so it is worth the trip.

Hints for recession:
Cut spending and save if you can for what could be tough times. Let the government stimulate the economy, not you.

If you have a problem with your bank loan go and see the bank to discuss it, or contact FairGO or GBAC Advisory. Don’t put letters of demand in the “Too hard basket”. That is how homes, businesses and farms are lost. Act early!

Work hard and help your employer to cope so that you become invaluable. I remember one time in a recession when I had just started my Chartered Accountancy practice, fairly newly married with 2 children, and times were tough, I had a superb secretary called Alex who cut her own pay without even telling me. That is what helps small businesses survive – support from within.

The suggestion that inland water plans are being made without proper scrutiny reeks of corruption. Concerned voters should join their peak body, Australian Voters Network and join the discussion while we still have water to manage. Government will never do it on its own because it will always be pressured by the most selfish users.

NSW Government is to be congratulated for prisoner rehabilitation initiatives. Many people who break the law have simply not had the chances in life that people like me have. We all benefit when we help the most marginalised. Many criminals can be helped by education and encouragement. That is not supporting crime. It is preventing it in future.

A letter in SMH today says “Leaders must be role models”. If it refers to politicians, I think that is a bit rich. Politicians are our “representatives” to parliament, not leaders as if they were kings, queens or dictators. Why would anyone think they should be role models? Have you watched Question Time??  Their job is to run government, not be role models. It is us, the people, who need to be the role models. Then those we elect to represent us will be more likely to follow good examples.

Hundreds mourned for Hannah Clarke and her family, victims of horrendous domestic violence. How easy it is to attend a funeral. How hard it is to get voters persuading politicians to do more about the violence. If we had a tenth of those people at the funeral,  joining the Voters Network campaign to prevent domestic, family and sexual violence it would fall dramatically instead of rising, as happened with the road toll, now down 75%!

28 February 2020

Why do the rich and powerful control government??
Because controlling government makes them rich and powerful!

You can do that, to a greater or lesser extent, no matter how rich or poor you are now.

Our governments in Australia are run by politicians who represent you in parliament. Contrary to popular belief, many of those politicians will be keen to help you, if you ask enough of them in the right way.
I started the Votergram service to give every Australian an effective  voice to government. It does that very well. What surprised me was how willing so many MPs were to help the community members and bodies who asked them for assistance via Votergrams. Of course Votergrams were never just a messaging service. They were a finely tuned political persuasion package.

Power blossomed and barriers fell
 After that I formed FairGO to help people run political persuasion campaigns. It was so easy to protect the Australian chicken, apple and pear industries once we found valid reasons. I enjoyed the chicken growers’ conferences and visiting the sheds, but the apple and pear campaigns were all done by phone. It was the small number of Votergrams it took for a health group to have smoking on commercial planes banned that lifted my sights. Then we won the campaign to keep the snowfields available for community lodges and I began to see how much power ordinary people could have by influencing their politicians. It took just one votergram to win victim’s impact statements in court cases, just one to have pharmacies dispending generic medicines and just one to give safe drivers a 50% discount on their licence renewals. We don’t make a profit but as a former FCA I believe that we run a very successful business in FairGO.

Personal needs were as easy to solve as community ones
It did not matter whether it was getting people with mental illnesses treated, a young man with cerebral palsy government funded care in another state or school facilities for children. The politicians waved magic wands for us. Many are champions of the first order and that is why their names appear in the Politicians Honour Roll The highly successful road safety campaign was the clincher. I knew then that with the right research, strategies, tactics and engagement, any Australian could exert amazing power for good.

In the last two weeks I have seen two long drawn out problems salved almost overnight by a single Votergram. From the 1970s where Government treated me like dirt, I had moved to an unimaginable position of power. But I have never wanted power. I just enjoy giving it to other people. The parents of runaway children enticed away by big fortnightly payments, were overjoyed at the Senate inquiry we secured and the changes in how Docs and police changed tack to build families up rather than tearing them apart.

You can generally achieve what you want if you are prepared to do what it takes

5 February 2020

Would you like a Code of conduct for MPs & Voters?

5 Questions to answer
1. Was the Sports Rort $100m of taxpayers’ money paid out to win votes for political parties?
2. Could $1.7b paid in Australian government fees to 4 major consulting firms have been paid to attract the $4.5 million that those firms donated to political parties?
3.  Could the $4.5m in donations to the political parties, have been paid to gain the $1.7billion of taxpayers’ money paid in fees to those donors.
4. Is any of this “Money Laundering”?
5. Are you completely happy with this use of taxpayers’ money or do you think it is unfair and unreasonable, perhaps even dishonest?

Please email with your views or post a comment on the Forum discussion on the Code of Conduct.

Australia has the potential to deliver to all its people very pleasant and rewarding lives. Of course it will not happen unless we, the people, make it happen.

What voters themselves do is what determines what politicians do and that determines what government does. A Code of Conduct might help us all.
If we want happy, rewarding, exciting and enjoyable lives free of disasters, we can have them. It just requires us to get our governments doing what we want. We pay enough for that purpose.

Local MPs , not just your own, but all of them, are the key to good government. We voters have no authority to exert influence over anyone else in government. But local MPs depend on us for their careers.

To be fair a Code of Conduct should also be a Code of Conduct for how we voters treat the politicians we elect and pay to represent us, in order to get the best out of them.

If you would be happy to help with this self-improvement task for Australian society, please join in and ask your friends and colleagues to do the same.

The forum turns  community views into government action by a 3 step process - 1. Discussion,  2. Voting on suggestions made by voters,  3. Political persuasion.

Join in now and have your say in the most effective way!

9 January 2020

ActNow! See and shape society with 2020 vision.
You hold the key to better government. The key is People Power.
Forget the need for “good leaders”. Lord Acton was right when he said “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. “Good Leaders” often treat the people badly and look after themselves first and their backers second. Monarchies and dictatorships have strong leaders and it often works badly for the community.
Most politicians are not “leaders” they are followers. They have to be, because they depend on pleasing the people, or the media barons, or the rich industrialists, or their parties in order to keep their jobs.
We see that, time and time again when those who fund political parties receive large benefits from the governments those parties lead. Look what the banks got in return for their political donations through the 1970’s and 1980’s – billions in profits and huge executive salaries plus the right to mislead, defraud and cheat customers free from prosecution.
Democracy makes a big difference, even with a monarchy in place, because real power resides with the people.
Few of us are immune to the corrupting influence of power. But as absolute power corrupts absolutely because it is concentrated, People Power corrupts very little, because it is shared widely.
ActNow! Is the initiative of Voters.Network (The Australian Voters Network), free of any party politics. It gives Australians incredible People Power.

Here are some of the steps to power:
Confer and decide in communities on what you want done. You will not agree on everything but you will agree on a lot.

  1. Decide as a community what you want done. Use our forum and voting facilities on this site.
  2. Tell the government what is wanted in a persuasive way, by Votergram to Members of Parliament (MPs).
  3. Engage in discussion and debate with those MPs who respond, to bring them onside and hear their views.
  4. Monitor what your MPs achieve for you and society.
  5. Rate them, on this website’s ratings page, according to how well they represent you, which is what they are elected and paid for.
  6. Use those ratings to determine who you vote for in your local electorate each election.

ActNow! Is all about action to create opportunities, solve problems and make life more enjoyable. Register on our join page then share your views and ideas on our forum. We don’t disclose personal information about anyone.
When we, the people, work together we have great power to produce good outcomes for all of us.
When we work with the politicians who we elect to represent us in parliament we have even greater power. They will work for us when we work with them – free of party politics.
ActNow! Your future depends on it!

Are you in the 60% of Australians who currently share only 17% of the wealth? Think what power you will have if you work with other voters who want what you want. Think how great your wealth and enjoyment of life can grow when you persuade politicians to do what you want.

 Email and let’s get the ball rolling in your direction!

We have been quietly helping thousands of Australians solve their problems for over 30 years. Now we would like to help you build a better, brighter life by using the unused power available to you.


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