Why you should re-finance business and farm debts!

Banks have been forced by government to give borrowers a lot of lee-way with loans during the covid 19 pandemic. […]

Government Guarantees Home Loans

How good are our Federal MPs. No sooner had FairGO alerted each of them by Votergram to the “Mortgage Lenders […]

Message from an MP in case you are interested

Climate Act Now admin@climateactnow.com.au Hi Greg Today I am excited to launch an improved version of my Climate Change Bill. […]

Not all banks are equal

Not all banks are equal. Let us help you shop around for the best loan or term deposit with an […]

Unlock the Power of Parliament for the People

Leeton hospital would not have lain idle for years if one person in Leeton had sent a Votergram about it […]

Votergrams to the rescue

Two groups harmed can’t get authorities to act. One group does: 1 Sanjay Joseph, scammed of $100,000 in a home purchases […]

Aboriginal voices to parliament

The “First Nations voice to parliament” will be in due course determined. Meanwhile most thinking Australians can see that in […]

Beware debt gets out of hand, let GBAC give you a hand!

Wise family farm and business borrowers will use this time while banks are not chasing up arrears on loans, to […]

Voters Network works for you

There is only one way to enjoy good democratic government – make it work for you. Voters Network helps you […]

Voters Views

This week we asked our members what topics interested them enough to do something about them. Their priorities in order […]