Grass-fed beef producers Group in Voters Network

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There is little doubt that grass-fed beef is the best to eat, the best for the environment and the best for animal welfare.

In order to ensure that federal and state or territory governments recognise and assist this industry after the demise of CCA, we have formed a Grass-fed Beef Producers Interest Group to research, study and explain its needs to the people in parliament who have been elected to represent the producers and consumers.

All grass-fed beef producers are welcome. To begin with I will coordinate the group, having just retired from my own grass-fed beef operation at Araluen near Braidwood, kicked off by my great-grandfather in about 1865. I am a former branch and DC Chairman in NSW Farmers.

This is the most effective way for farmers to influence governments and back up what is being done by the major farming organisations. Only real people, not organisations vote in government elections, so they have the whip hand when it comes to government policy.

Greg Bloomfield

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