“Going to Canberra” for Christmas shopping?

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Why do so many groups wanting to influence government, “Go to Canberra” or “Protest outside Parliament House”?

They could mostly exert far more influence by sitting at home or in their own offices and putting their wishes before every Member of Parliament by Votergram. That means 227 MPs in the case of Federal Parliament.

Reaching every MP by Votergram is more effective than talking with the minister and staff plus a local MP, because some of the MPs you reach by Votergram will advocate for you and they have much more influence with the minister than you do.

FairGO puts your wishes in easy, readable, understandable Votergram segments rather than pages and pages that do not get read.

Many of the NGOs that are out there trying to solve society’s problems and want more government money to do so, are already funded by government and so are not prepared to take strong action to make the government do what is needed, in case their funding is cut.

Polite political persuasion relies on voters “speaking quietly and carrying a big stick”. The only big stick available to voters is to campaign against government MPs in marginal seats. If voters will not do that, they are reduced to begging. Voting against government in their own safe seat achieves nothing at all. Voters Network helps them gain the necessary influence.

Our voices expressed by Votergram to influence our elected representatives  (MPs) and our voices expressed by influencing voters in marginal electorates, combine to give us an amazing ability to make democracy work as intended.

Once MPs understand that you are serious about “government for the people” they will be extremely helpful. The challenge politicians face is that ruthless, power and profit hungry businesses will stop at nothing to get what they want and they can pour millions into a campaign to remove a government ( eg mining industry reportedly spent about $20m to stop an increased  tax). So, to serve us properly, our politicians need the support, encouragement and guidance of the least wealthy 80% of Australian voters.

Have a Happy Christmas, join Voters Network and let us make 2021 a year in which we Advance Australia Fair for all Australians, by working with our elected MPs and recognising the very challenging nature of their work.

Send your MPs a Christmas card with a note of thanks and remember – they cannot please all of the people all of the time, but they can please 80% of the people 80% of the time.

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