To Protest or to persuade

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Protesters – photo courtesy of The Australian


Protesting is demeaning for protesters – they have to beg their own government to change

Protesting is like a battle that is contact free – a battle of words

It is a fight  with a winner and a loser

Its basis is strength to make the government do what is wanted

It takes on the government when both sides know that the advantage lies completely with the government

If the government does what protesters want it looks beaten – like a loser


Persuasion is gentle and private – in parliamentary inboxes, phone calls, meetings

It is based partly on logical arguments

When it is done by voters it carries a much more important message – that the government might lose votes

That is particularly so if the voter cares enough to pay to send Votergrams

Votes are much more important to politicians than the logic of any issue

That voting power of political persuasion can be exercised by a voter going into a marginal electorate and upsetting the status quo

With persuasion, the politicians look like winners if they do what is wanted, so it is more appealing to them

Voters Network helps voters achieve what they want by working WITH politicians, not against them.

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