Headline explains reason for voters rating political performances.

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“Russia out to stop Biden’s election bid, FBI boss says”, Sydney Morning Herald 19/9/20

Foreign dictatorships seeking to control a country like Australia use social media to spread fake news and shape our opinion for an against particular politicians and parties.

Before each election a Voters Network member can refer to their own private assessment over the whole parliamentary term before voting at the next election. They can then vote objectively uninfluenced by foreign powers, local media, recent political events or grants given as bribes.

Join Voters Network for the best possible society.

The choice

Few people will spend time or money on something that does not concern them

So if you want something improved, changed or fixed your best choice is to do it yourself.

FairGO  will be only too happy to help you make it happen.

You can tackle it yourself with FairGO’s help or suffer the consequences.

They are the choices in our voter-oriented society

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