Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
  • we live in a democratic society. That means we elect our state & federal Members of Parliament (MPs) to represent us in running it.
  • They will rule us or serve us depending on what we do
  • If we take an interest in our society and tell our MPs what we want done the outcomes will greatly improve, provided we do it in the  right way.
We can either ignore our elected MPs or work with them, to achieve our goals. Working with them is most effective. We want a good society and they need our votes to keep their jobs.

In parliament, every MP including our local MP gets 1 vote. The majority, in a vote by all local MPs, rules. Thus electing and befriending our local MPs is very important.

Big Business money donated to political parties is used to buy our votes through advertising. But we voters own our votes ourselves. By ignoring election advertising and voting for the one best candidate, we can decide who gets elected in each local electorate & thus who governs the state or country.

Votes beat money every time! We just have to use them to get what we need. 

At each election, we can replace those MPs who have not done what we wanted and re-elect those who have. Individually it makes little difference how we vote, but when many neighbours in one electorate vote the same way to elect the best local representative, then our votes have great value – to us and our politicians.

Our local Members of Parliament, not party leaders, are our key to good government.


You can now rate whether those local MPs represent you well or badly. At election time, that helps you decide whether to re-elect or replace them.