Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Voters.Network - advancing Australia's future
Do you get angry at what your Australian governments are doing?

Do you wish they built better lives for Australian instead of politicians fighting each other for power?

If any of the stories in today’s media worry you and you want to influence government policy and action, please  join

For 30 years FairGO has been helping ordinary Australians, small family businesses and farmers change government decisions. Bad government is inexcusable as is negligent government. Now it has established to help us work better with the politicians we elect and pay and to help them work bette with us.

The fact is that we have some extremely good Members of Parliament who will go out of their way to help you, if approached in the right way. FairGO is a specialist at helping voters influence government. It started with the Votergram service which has operated for the past 30 years, quietly taking any voter’s message to all members of parliament. So much has been achieved by active, concerned voters. That is why we know a diversified network controlled by hub leaders is the way to go. Whilst ordinary access is free, and vanced access will fund hub leaders through a subscription that will provide advanced access for up to a year to community consultation facilities for everyone in the community. We have no political party favourites or connections. We exist 100% for the well being of Australian voters. We don't do it for profit. We do it because democracy is a very good, but very much misunderstood form of government. Voters can guide government to do what they want if they do it properly.

If you are worried about energy prices and climate change, then let us help you make your views known.

Do you resent big business controlling government, lobbying to cut its own taxes to starve our governments of money for infrastructure and services so that big business can then provide them at a very handsome profit margin and the banks can finance the projects to earn their own super-profits on top of that. Cost blowouts will simply enrich the businesses and banks whilst at the same time impoverishing the government coffers further.

Will the new head of ASIC change the banking culture of lending customers into profit then bleeding them dry or will his past career with Goldman Sachs during the GST make him more on side with the banks, as ASIC has been for years?

Is it good enough that the NBN is the subject of over 100,000 complaints or should we put pressure on our politicians to get this mess cleaned up fast so that Australia does not fall behind the rest of the world in IT services?

Did you see the comment by the Treasury Secretary that people were realising just how inexpensive housing is in regional Australian cities and buying there? In the past week I have visited Bathurst, Orange, Dubbo, Narromine and Parkes, all in NSW and seen the huge increase in the size of these beautiful cities. One could afford housing there on a lot less pay than in Sydney and raise families in far more freedom and a much cleaner environment.  They are made for renewable energy and low energy transport. It is truly amazing to see what these cities have to offer instead of the fire-prone high-rise home units and office blocks in capital cities that are nothing less than death traps for those unfortunate enough  to occupy them and the continually clogged roads that waste our time. With all our space, let's spread the population around a bit.

If you want better government or better lives for your family, consider joining with access to FairGO’s expertise at persuading politicians to do the right thing and Votergrams to make sure they all know what you want and why it will be good for the vast majority of Australians , or perhaps good for your relative who is being denied proper service by a government body.